150 Years ago today: Antietam

Please take a moment today to remember America’s bloodiest day.

I’m planning to keep an open post today, updating with photos were I can. The first stop of the day- the Cornfield:

Antietam 150 028

Antietam 150 032

Surreal ….

Antietam Sesqui 036

Antietam 150 042

Antietam 150 044

Antietam 150 045

The same site, looking at the CWT Antietam Battle App:


Cannon fire from the New York Monument:

Antietam 150 048

Head count for morning tour is 585. Took 25 minutes for the group to pass single file up to Cornfield Avenue.  Again the battle app view:


Ranger Hoptak, surrounded by visitors, starts the Sunken Lane tour.

Antietam 150 052

We arrive at the Sunken Lane… with the tour group playing “sides”.

Antietam 150 053


Afternoon hike got underway around 2:30.

Antietam 150 056

Antietam 150 057

Antietam 150 058

Antietam 150 059

Antietam 150 061

Antietam 150 062

Antietam 150 064

Antietam 150 065

Antietam 150 067


Antietam 150 068

The last stop was a personal pull off on the way home.  Anyone care to identify this spot?

Antietam 150 070

Another successful 150th observance.  The folks at Antietam are always on their game for the battle anniversary.  This year, they topped all previous years.  Great job guys!

Published by Craig Swain

"Historical marker hunter" and Civil War enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “150 Years ago today: Antietam

  1. Amazing, Craig… Thanks so much for sharing.

    Antietam’s amphitheater-like setting allows the visitor to take it all in as viewed from the center, down to the east–and then reflect on what it all means.

    Your superb images make me feel as if I am “right there,” standing alongside Sgt. Charles. H. Hall, 13th Mississippi Infantry.

    And what a day to come…

    Clark B. Hall

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