Antietam Resources and The Guns at Antietam Map

Are you getting ready for another day of sesqucentennial events?  I am.  Heading out to Harpers Ferry and Antietam this morning.  Both parks – their highly professional staffs, I should say – are hosting all day events in observance of the anniversary.  One-hundred and fifty years ago today, the nation fought over those fields and hills.  Today we remember.

For those of you readers who are unable to attend these events, as I’ve done with other 150th anniversaries, allow me to offer some “virtual” resources to at least wet the appetite.

Start out with the Civil War Trust’s Antietam battlefield page, with a wealth of historical facts and resources.  The CWT also offers an animated battle map and a 360 panoramic tour.  That panoramic tour is perfectly suited for those of you who can’t visit the battlefield itself today.  Also, the Trust’s Antietam Battle App rolled out this week.  While it is geared for those “on location”, I’ve found the resources and maps rather useful even off the battlefield.

Here on this blog, one of the first battlefield by markers projects I took on was Antietam.  The page has the markers arranged in sets by the tour routes, by topic, by organization, and by state.  The list also includes Antietam campaign markers (which need to be updated with several new additions of late).   I did the same for Harpers Ferry, and provided links to several blog posts.  Many of those posts were my “trip reports” for walks up Maryland Heights, Loudoun Heights, and Schoolhouse Ridge as I examined the works that defended Harpers Ferry.

Another resource I like to post around the 150th anniversaries is the map showing the location of the cannons displayed on park grounds.  Here’s the map for Antietam:

My apologies here.  This is not the detailed accounting you are used to.  I’m a bit rushed of late and don’t have the registry numbers or photos attached to the map.  I’ll work to clean that up.  And I promise something similar for Harpers Ferry in the near future.

But for now, I hope you will excuse me as I rush out the door and start the short (for me) drive to Sharpsburg!

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