Case Shot: Some news updates

Apparently Civil War Interactive’s daily news blog is on vacation.  So I’ll try to pick up some of the slack:

  • Lynchburg, VA – WSET-TV reports the Lynchburg Museum features a new Civil War exhibit, titled “An American Turning Point: The Civil War in Virginia“.  Featured exhibit, at least from my point of view, is a 3-inch Ordnance Rifle.
  • Portsmouth, NH – Restorations begin on the Soldier and Sailors monument in Portsmouth’s Goodwin Park.  Vandals caused about $10,000 in damage last winter.  The memorial “depicts Lady Liberty atop a column, with battles listed below, accompanied by a Union soldier and sailor.” …And we need to get an entry for it in HMDB!
  • Murphreesboro, TN – To all my Tennessee pals, Stones River Battlefield announces it’s sesquicentennial program, to include Forrest’s raid (this weekend) and the battle anniversary in December-January.   Good to see the NPS has a program focused on the Tullahoma Campaign next year.
  • Johnson, AR – Seems like just last week I was discussing the Civil War in Washington County, Arkansas… well there’s a new marker discussing the hard war waged in northwest Arkansas.  The state CW sesquicentennial committee continues their good work.
  • Jackson, MS – If he hasn’t already, I bet Greg Biggs is planning a trip to Jackson.   The 4th Mississippi Infantry and five other Civil War era flags go on display.  These are part of the state’s collection of 155 flags, and to be part of the state’s new museum.
  • Valpariso, IN – I see stories like this most every day – New Tombstones for Civil War Vets’ Graves.  Seems to me there’s an uptake of projects to fix up Civil War gravesites.
  • Vienna, VA – Hunter Mill Road, the most extensively interpreted roadway in Northern Virginia, adds even more markers!  While the markers highlight the Oakton Schoolhouse’s history, and are not directly related to the Civil War, as the article says the corridor saw considerable activity with the passing of both blue and gray.

Ok… back to regular programming.

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