Final Surge needed for Gaines’ Mill preservation opportunity

Last fall, Civil War Trust announced an effort to preserve 285 acres at Gaines’ Mill battlefield outside Richmond. The trust is close to their goal… very close. But needs one more surge to move over the top. A $150,000 surge.

I’ll admit that my head hurts every time I read Jim Lighthizer’s explanations how the trust puts together donations, grants, and other contributions for these efforts. I am bewildered as to how the funding for these efforts draws from different sources to secure and preserve these historic sites. Talented and experienced hand are at work. All the more reason to support the trust achieve the goal in this case.

This preservation effort will, as the trust points out, quadruple the acreage preserved at Gaines’ Mill. Perhaps securing that $150,000 by this time next week would be expecting too much, but a sesquicentennial surprise would be nice!

Published by Craig Swain

"Historical marker hunter" and Civil War enthusiast.

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