Edwards Ferry Tour on June 23

UPDATE I’ve received a lot of positive feedback for this tour.  I’d anticipated only ten or so attendees.  However, I’ve received that many tentative responses!  Given that, parking may be an issue.  The parking lot at the trailhead has only a dozen spots.  Groups attending can carpool from either the Lansdowne Town Center parking lot (at the corner of Belmont Ridge Road and VA 7) or from the sports complex parking lot on Kipheart Drive (adjacent to the Belmont Ridge Middle School). 

As announced last month, I’m hosting a tour of Edwards Ferry on June 23.  Start time is 8:30 AM.  Link up point is the parking lot at Kephart Bridge Landing, located off Riverpoint Drive in Lansdowne, just outside of Leesburg, Virginia.

The trail is a 1.25 mile walk (2.5 miles round trip) to the mouth of Goose Creek and the site of the June 1863 crossing of the Potomac.  The trail runs between Goose Creek and the remains of the Goose Creek Canal, which dates to the 1850s.

Loudoun 20 May 12 027
Goose Creek just downstream of Kephart Bridge

Along the way are the ruins of several structures dating to the Civil War, including the Goose Creek Canal locks and abutments for Kephart’s Bridge.

Elizabeth Mills 17 Aug 006
Canal Lock

The trail is a low grade, and well maintained.  However, I recommend comfortable hiking shoes.

Loudoun 20 May 12 019
Trail side near the mouth of the Goose Creek Canal

Thankfully, due to Eagle Scout projects, several foot bridges provide easy passage over several ravines along the way.

Loudoun 20 May 12 015
One of the foot bridges

Although the “blood-suckers” are noticeably rare along the trail this summer, I still recommend a dose of bug-repellant.  As always, bring water… and you may want a camera.

While the trail offers a chance to take in nature and old ruins, our objective is the mouth of Goose Creek.  There we’ll consider the important movements that put the Army of the Potomac on the other side of the Potomac River and on the road to Gettysburg.

Loudoun 20 May 12 023
Mouth of Goose Creek

Although I should say the “real” objective is to raise awareness of the location, particularly leading up to next years 150th anniversary of the event.   The project to place a marker at the trailhead continues to progress.  Hopefully in a few months we will announce a dedication date.

Loudoun 20 May 12 028
Kephart Bridge Landing Trailhead

Mark the date on your calendar.  Hope to see you on the trail!

Published by Craig Swain

"Historical marker hunter" and Civil War enthusiast.

3 thoughts on “Edwards Ferry Tour on June 23

  1. Craig, without fail, I will be on this tour June 23. Why not take advantage of a tour given by the expert on one of this country’s most important river fords?

    Perhaps you should specifically invite Jim Morgan.. I understand he is a “Little Short of Boats,” and as an old Marine, he could certainly “walk the walk.”

    Look forward to it!


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