The Coast Survey at War: NOAA’s Charting a Perfect Union

Reader Dawn Forsythe, on my post about Fort Jackson, offered a link to the National Oceanic  and Atmospheric Administration’s Civil War Collection, titled “Charting a Perfect Union.”

I thought I’d mentioned this before… ah… yes, there it is.  And Gordon Calhoun also mentioned it earlier this year on the Navy 150th Blog.  But let me again “talk up” an excellent resource.  Since their first release, NOAA has added more content. As Dawn pointed us to, NOAA now has great articles discussing the story behind the maps.  From what I can tell, the maps are only in JPG format now (many folks just don’t like SID format, although I find them of better quality).

And while you are there, NOAA is also observing the War of 1812 Bicentennial with a set of charts.  Cool stuff!  And free!