A few updates on Edwards Ferry

Just a couple of updates on the projects centered on the Edwards Ferry site.

Edwards Ferry Civil War Trails marker:  We are in the advanced phases, administratively speaking, on this project.  This will be the first marker on the Virginia side of the river that mentions the Army of the Potomac’s crossing in June 1863.  Our goal is to have the marker in place by June 2013, but of course sooner is better.  The marker will be located at the Kephart Mills trailhead parking lot.  For those unfamiliar with the location, here’s one of the maps I drew up back a few years when discussing the crossing in detail:

Area Edwards Ferry circa 1863

Here’s the area today:

Edwards Ferry area today

As you can see from the Google maps view, if the Army of the Potomac marched to Edwards Ferry today, they’d stomp over subdivision and fairways.

The second update I have to make is regarding the tour of the site promised last fall.  As I’ve been detailed out several weekends for my day job, I was unable to set a date during the winter months.  So that pushed things out past the “no foliage so we can see more” months.  Instead I now propose Saturday June 23 as the date (being a 149th anniversary day).  Tentative schedule would start the walk at 8:30 AM at the Kephart Mills parking lot.  The agenda would include orientation to the site and events of June 1863.  The route would follow the county park’s trail along Goose Creek to the Potomac.

Drop me a line in the comments here or at my email address (caswain01ATgmail.com) if you are interested.

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