Front Line Blog: Considering Island No. 10

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Well click over to the Civil War Monitor’s The Front Line Blog for the first of a set of articles on Island No. 10.  And if you haven’t done so already, please make The Front Line one of your daily stops as you browse through the Civil War blogosphere.

Over the years I’ve given a few… very few… tours of the area where the battlefield of Island No. 10.  Sort of hard to get folks excited about slopping through the mud to see a place that is almost nothing like its wartime appearance.  I’ve given a few presentations to roundtables and other groups.  One theme I like to emphasize is the engineering work.  In addition to army vs. army, the campaign hinged upon the timeless man vs. river.  That story line was repeated on several occasions from March 1862 through July 1863 (and in smaller ways well beyond).