Farmvilling – Civil War Seminar Today

Today I’m in Farmville… not the game, but rather Farmville, Virginia…. for the 13th Annual Civil War Seminar at Longwood University.  Probably a good thing, given the weather sweeping across the country, that I’ll be indoors today.

Depending on logistics and connections, I may post updates on Twitter and here during the day.  Perhaps just general impressions of the presentations.  Or maybe interesting points from the lectures.  While I think “tweeting” a lecture is probably silly, perhaps there’s a good way to use these web 2.0 tools for such events.  So I’ll do some experimenting.

And speaking of Farmville… many are familiar with the High Bridge just outside town.  The High Bridge Trail State Park plans to open the bridge to walking/biking traffic later this spring. Soon visitors can traverse this historic wonder, of no small Civil War significance. I’ll post some more on this later.


And if you are interested, the friends of the park have a contest running to be the “first” to cross the High Bridge when it opens.