Name a train station! Let me suggest some historical themes…

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is asking for input regarding new station names.  This is probably fly-by local news to readers outside Northern Virgina.  But here me out, there’s a angle here to consider.  The new Silver Line, currently under construction, will traverse through Fairfax County to Dulles International Airport.  The extension is depicted here on a altered, and unofficial, version of the Metro Rail map, if you look to the far left:

Better yet, here’s a Google map with the new station locations pinned:

The route traverses several historic roads, streams, and localities.  Indeed this is an opportunity to highlight some “paved over” history now forgotten within suburbia. Washington Metro has done just that on other lines, with names like Fort Totten (and let’s not forget the squares and circles named after famous leaders to include Civil War generals and admirals).

So here’s my suggestions for the new stations:

Station 1:  The favorites are McLean, Tysons-McLean, and Scott’s Run.  But how about Lewinsville?  Can I get a loud “Here!  Here!”, Ron?

Station 2:  With the large mall complex nearby, the name Tysons Corner is hard to beat here.  But let me suggest Chain Bridge Road, in honor of the ancient thoroughfare at that stop.

Station 3:  Just to the southwest of the station’s location along the Leesburg Pike is Freedom Hill.  What a great name for a railroad station!

Station 4:  Not that we need a station so close to number 3, but if they must then I say name it Leesburg Pike.

Station 5:  The cross street here is Wiehle Avenue.  While I admit that name will likely register with us who frequent the area, I’d like to see it named for nearby  Difficult Run.

Station 6:   The station is near Reston Town Center.  How about a wave to the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad trail just a short walk northeast?  The old Sunset Hills Station stood nearby.

Station 7:  Herndon is the favorite and I see no reason to argue.  The station there saw considerable activity during the Civil War.

Station 8:  I am leaning towards Coppermine, in honor of the 19th century mine located nearby. But we might mention Laura Ratcliffe and Mosby’s Rock.

Those are the eight scheduled for this extension of the rail line.  In the future there will be two new stations beyond the Dulles Airport, in Loudoun County.  Both of those stations have a wealth of historical place-names nearby.

Even if you don’t live in the DC area, you can take the survey.  So please take a few minutes to help me stuff the ballot box!

H/T to History Girl, a.k.a. AlexNovaHistory.