Recovered and Restored, a 10-inch Confederate Columbiad

From Carolina Live/WPDE news of Myrtle Beach/Florence, South Carolina:

(Read more here)

If you are a regular reader, you know the gun is a 10-inch Confederate Columbiad, to revised pattern. I’m amazed the markings remained so legible after the prolonged stay underwater….  Ok, let me be blunt, I think the markings are original but think the restoration involved relining or re-stamping them.  Just seem too deep and clear.  But I stand ready to be corrected.

The article does not state specifically, but unless I’m mistaken the gun was found in the wreck of the steam-ship Philadelphia.  The ship sank near Georgetown, South Carolina shortly after the Civil War while carrying several guns and other scrap iron north for salvage.  Another gun recovered from the site is on display at the South Carolina Military Museum in Columbia.

That gun is from Bellona Foundry, bearing registry number 22, produced in 1863.  Compare it’s muzzle markings…

Recovered Bellona Gun, by Anna Inbody, January 18, 2012, courtesy of

… to that of a 10-inch Bellona Columbiad in Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston.

Charleston 4 May 10 216
Muzzle of Bellona #20

The gun at Magnolia Cemetery has been above water for 150 years of course, and open to the elements.  I point this out as a guide to others who study the markings.  Don’t always expect the marks to be clearly legible.  And keep an open mind as to the nature of the marks (particularly if “trophy” marks are evident).

Good to see the guns above the surface, cleaned, and restored.  Excellent work!  I hope to see more of these “finds” as the work progresses.

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