Military Collector and Historian Magazine: Winter 2011 Issue

Once again let me highlight the Civil War related articles in the  Military Collector & Historian Magazine, the quarterly of the  Company of Military Historians.  The magazine covers a wide range of military history (not just American, mind you).  So if the Civil War is not the only subject you like to tread upon, you should consider a membership.

Within Civil War themes, articles to note are:

  • Analysis of D.H. Hill’s Division at Antietam,” by Cadet Philip Schmedeman (USMA 2011).  A well documented look at this Confederate formation.
  • Major and Paymaster, William W. Russel: A Controversial Nineteenth Century Officer of Marines,” by David M. Sullivan.  Russel, who committed suicide in October 1862, served as Aide-de-camp to both Generals Robert Patterson and George McClellan.
  • Massachusetts Men in Gray at Fort Monroe, 1861,” by Ryan B. Weddle.  The 3rd and 4th Massachusetts Militia garrisoned Fort Monroe through July 1861.
  • ‘The Men That Saved Your Army’: Company K, 2d U.S. Infantry, April-July 1861,” by Donald McConnel and Gustav Person.  The article includes details of the company’s actions at First Manassas.
  • The Elusive Cadets of Harvard, 1759-1863: Observations on Their History and Uniforms,” by Anthony F. Gero and Roger D. Sturcke.

Other non-Civil War articles I would recommend include:

  • Wake Island Helmet,” by Larry Munnikhuysen.  A look at a rare artifact from World War II.
  • Revolutionary War Veteran’s Pension,” by Stanley B. Smullen.  A detailed look at the petition of Thomas DeRusy.
  • “‘The taylors of the regiment’: Insights on Soldiers Making and Mending Clothing, and Continental Army Clothing Supply, 1778 to 1783,” by John U. Rees.
  • The Hapless ‘Willie D’,” submitted by Stephen M Henry, covering the World War II career of the USS William D. Porter (DD-579).
  • Diary of my Army life from the time I left Camp Lee for France. S.G. Anderson: Co. A, 314 Machine Gun Battalion,” submitted by Gayle Weiss.  A Virginia volunteer’s view of World War I.
  • Allons!  Sgt. Clarence W. Warren of the 15th Field Artillery,” by Major James B. Ronan II (Ret.).  Another World War I veteran’s story.
  • A Brief View of African American Militiamen, Colonial New York, 1758-1763,” by Anthony F. Gero.

One final note, even if you are not a member of the Company, you can review (and post for a limited, trial run) on the CMH Forum.


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