First Union Marker at Richmond (KY) Battlefield

News of another Civil War battlefield marker comes from the Richmond Register:

First to be placed by Union state – Marker to honor Michigan soldiers in Battlefield Park

RICHMOND — This spring, Madison County’s Battlefield Park will place its first state marker honoring federal (or Union) soldiers who fought there in the Battle of Richmond.

The marker will honor Union soldiers from Michigan who were stationed in Kentucky, according to Phillip Seyfrit, Madison County Historic Properties director.

Through the state of Michigan’s historical commission and the efforts of several Michigan and Kentucky Civil War groups, the five-by-four-foot bronze marker will be placed just south of Mt. Zion Church, near where improvised sections of Batteries F and G of the 1st Michigan Light Artillery were stationed, he said.

“This is indeed a great honor for us here at Richmond, especially in time for our (Battle of Richmond) 150th anniversary,” Seyfrit said.

Events and projects commemorating the sesquicentennial of the Civil War are limited because of funding, he said, but the historical marker at Battlefield Park is one of the few Michigan is able to do.

“It just shows the level of commitment Madison County has shown to this important event in our unique Civil War history, is being recognized nationwide,” Seyfrit said. (read more)

The Richmond battlefield hit the Civil War Trust’s most endangered list a few times in the past, and has been the focus of preservation efforts.  So just having a battlefield and a place to put the new marker is a blessing.

But the headline here is about the first display placed by a northern state on this battlefield.  Sort of quirky, yes.  And complicated.  Yet, as the article states, “The total cost for the marker project is approximately $4,000, raised by private donations and several Civil War roundtables from both Michigan and Kentucky.”

Wait a minute… I thought the northerners were just not interested in the Civil War anymore?  Who let them in on this southern sesqucentennial gig?  😉

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3 thoughts on “First Union Marker at Richmond (KY) Battlefield

  1. Good to hear in Richmond, KY! My own ancestor was at Richmond just a few weeks after enlistment and found himself captured, I doubt without firing a shot. But he was from the 95th Ohio, not Michigan.

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