150 Years Ago: Battle at a Crossroads Named Dranesville

One hundred and fifty years ago today, a Federal infantry brigade under Brigadier General EdwardO.C. Ord clashed with a Confederate cavalry brigade commanded by Brigadier General J.E.B. Stuart at a small Northern Virginia crossroads town called Dranesville. Not much of a battle, but it went down in history as the first Federal victory in the “seat of the war.”

Ron Baumgarten, of All Not So Quiet Along the Potomac blog, authored an excellent article on this battle for the Civil War Trust’s webpage. And the Trust has setup one of their battlefield resource pages for Dranesville.

I wrote a piece on the battle some time back. You can see from those photos, this is a “lost” battlefield. Today, you can’t really tour the site due to the traffic. Stop light waits (which I have sat through many times) are long enough to ponder the field, however. But one is hard pressed to catch natural line of sight. Yet, 150 years ago today, Dranesville was a victory which many northern minds hoped were a sign of things to come in the next year.

(Oh, and if this post looks familiar… well it is… due to a technical mistake on my end.  Mea culpa!)

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