A horse for $125… Slave labor for $20 a month…

Here’s a couple of receipts from the Confederate Citizens Files that caught my attention (while I was on the trail of some cannons).

First, a receipt to a “John Clark” for a horse… just one horse.

The Confederacy paid $125 for a horse, delivered at Abindon, Virginia in April 1862 (although the line above says it was purchased in February).

The second receipt, is to “John Clarke.”  Looking at the signatures, these were not the same person, especially with the addition of an “e”.

The receipt indicates the Confederate government received the services of a slave named “Bossel” (if I read that right) at the rate of $20 a month over a 4 1/2 month period.   The receipt lists Manassas as the place of receipt.  But there is no description of the type of services for which Bossel was employed.

Just a couple of documents for consideration.  Make of these what you wish.