Some Photos from the Balls Bluff 150th

Some views from this weekend’s Balls Bluff 150th events.

Balls Bluff Reenactment 008
Federal Camps - Saturday Morning


Balls Bluff Reenactment 002
Confederates Drilling - Saturday Morning


Balls Bluff Reenactment 015
The Historymobile
Balls Bluff Reenactment 017
Confederate Stacked Arms

I would say the number of spectators exceeded expectations.  The event staff limited the number of tickets (sold out in advance).  The spectator area was substantial compared to the number of visitors (and the battlespace used).  But that allowed spectators to move around quite a bit to see the action.

Balls Bluff Reenactment 018
Spectators Before the Battle


Balls Bluff Reenactment 020
Confederate Skirmish Line


Balls Bluff Reenactment 024
Mountain Howitzer Fires


Balls Bluff Reenactment 026
Confederate Rush at Balls Bluff

And yes, the Saturday event took place on the actual ground of the Balls Bluff battlefield.

Balls Bluff Reenactment 033
Federals Return to Camp
Balls Bluff Reenactment 041
Confederates Return to Camp


Dranesville Reenactment 001
Federal Camp - Sunday Morning

However, from a spectator standpoint, I felt the “Battle of Dranesville” scenario held on Sunday was better viewing.

Dranesville Reenactment 013
Federal line deploys....
Dranesville Reenactment 018
... and then extends
Dranesville Reenactment 024
Confederates Emerge from the Woods
Dranesville Reenactment 030
Smoke Ring from Federal Gun


Dranesville Reenactment 039
Confederate Artillery Returns Fire
Dranesville Reenactment 040
Crisp Confederate Volley


Dranesville Reenactment 051
Respective Lines in the Final Phases

Yes, a lot of shooting and moving on both days.  I felt the reenactors did a great job and kept the crowd entertained.  As I’ve mentioned a time or two before, I’m probably the world’s worst reenactment spectator, tending to pick out both historical and reenacting mistakes.  I would say that unless one got into the camps looking in off limits areas, the farbisms were few.  On the field the participants kept to the scrips, drawn up by knowledgeable local historians.

In short a good event… and one that I know opened some new eyes to the Civil War.