Please check out my post on Civil War Monitor

My first post on Civil War Monitor’s Front Line Blog went live yesterday.  Appropriate for the birthday of the U.S. Navy, the post explores the different way we remember the Civil War navies.  So please head over that way and give it a read.

I intend to post regularly on Civil War Monitor at a weekly or at least fortnightly.   In other cross posting news I’ve got a couple of draft posts for Civil War Navy 150th, and am working on a promised set covering the evolution of artillery from World War I to World War II for Bring the HEAT.  On top of that, in the non-blogging world I have a battlefield tour, a speaking engagement, and the Balls Bluff Reenactment in the next three weeks!

Here on To the Sound of the Guns, I plan to continue posting sets that detail field artillery pieces along with other “early war” related ordnance.  In that mix look for more about the way commanders used artillery – a.k.a. the “tactics.”  But I’m also looking to introduce another line of posts in the next few weeks – biographies of artillery- and ordnance-men of the Civil War period.

So busy times on this end… and I haven’t yet announced my candidacy on the Constitutional Unionist Party ticket!