Edwards Ferry Projects

I haven’t had much to post about Edwards Ferry in the last year.  My interest and research continue, but I’ve begun to stray a bit with focus more on how the Army of the Potomac moved through Loudoun County in June 1863.  And that of course is difficult to separate from the cavalry actions in Loudoun Valley.

But let me announce a side project I have to raise awareness about Edwards Ferry.  As a member of the Loudoun Sesquicentennial Steering Committee (officially as of this week), I’ve proposed a marker for that location.  In the process of “talking this up” around town, I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback.  And more importantly, a lot of inquiries about visiting the site.

In conjunction with that project, and with hopes to continue to raise more awareness, I’d like to host a “stomp” down along Goose Creek to visit the river crossing site.  This would be later in the fall or early winter, after the foliage has dropped down a bit (to allow an appreciation for the ground and surface structures).  I don’t want to make it some formal “tour,” so I’m avoiding such branding.  I’m thinking more so just a chance to discuss the 1863 crossing at the site of the crossing and perhaps share thoughts.  So maybe we’d call it a “gathering at the confluence”?

So if you are interested in such a gathering, drop me a line.


4 thoughts on “Edwards Ferry Projects

  1. That’s a great idea – Virginia needs a sign about Edwards Ferry! That crossing of the Potomac in June of 1863 was a big achievement for the Union army. Let me know when you decide on a hike; I’d like to see it again. Nancy Anwyll

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