The Cannons of First Manassas: A Virtual Tour

As I looked for a way to provide an index to the posts the First Manassas cannons, I also needed to update my presentation (PDF) showing the locations of Manassas artillery pieces.  Over the last few years, the park shuffled around the lineup of guns at some positions.  And with tree line adjustments on the Second Manassas field, many guns moved to entirely new positions.  I figured the best way would simply be a map showing the locations of these pieces.  For now I’ve focused just on the First Manassas guns (tis the season you know!).

The pins provide details about each individual gun (type, manufacturer, year produced, registry number, etc.) and links to some of my blog articles about the respective type.

While the page view above is OK, I do like the base Google map page better.  It offers the option to download a KML file for those with devices that support the format.

The 3D view provides a fair visualization of the artillery positions at the critical phase of the battle.

The Henry House is there.  But the visitor center, parking lot, and that darn big statue of Jackson sort of detract from the “historical” view.  Oh, can’t please everyone!

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