148 Years Ago: Edwards Ferry

148 years ago this morning, just a few miles from where I am comfortably typing, engineers of the Army of the Potomac worked to retrieve pontoon bridges over the Potomac.  Over the previous three days those pontoon bridges supported the crossing of the Army as it shifted base from northern Virginia into Maryland, and thence to Pennsylvania.

Edwards Ferry 015
Edwards Ferry

The Army of the Potomac had crossed the river it was named for, and headed north in pursuit of General Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia.  The two forces would clash a few days later at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  The “road” to Gettysburg ran through Edwards Ferry.

I wrote a score of posts on the Edwards Ferry crossing over the last couple of years.  While the topic has been out of my blogging queue as I turn towards topics keeping in line with the 150th observances, I’ve continued research behind the scenes. I also have a few exciting projects regarding the Edwards Ferry crossing site.  Hopefully I’ll have something to announce in the next few months.