Manassas on my Mind

With the 150th anniversary of the First Manassas (or do you care for Bull Run) fast approaching, I’ve taken the opportunity to spend a little more time studying that campaign and battle.  With the long work days of the last week, my metro-rail reading material included the works of some noted scholars of the battle.  Speaking of which, signs for some event down that way are plastered all over the common areas.

And of course Harry was down yesterday to explain how Peter Hains single handled defeated the 4th Virginia Cavalry… all before the regiment was formed.

As I travel around on my daily commute, my route takes me through places like Vienna, Fairfax, Dranesville, Annandale, Falls Church, and Alexandria… and occasionally down to Centreville.  All places with links to the campaign.

But it is summer time again, and that means long walks on the battlefield.  So I’m longing to stretch out a hike or two over that field.  Time to pull out the map-case, Camel-bak, and slouch hat (oh… and bug spray).  Time to get out of the house….

Manassas 19 July 029