John Janney Tour and Lecture

I’ve posted the audio from the John Janney tour conducted back in May to our Loudoun Civil War Roundtable website.

Anne Sarah Rubin provided many interesting angles in her discussion of Janney’s life and career.  Aside from the one-vote brush with the vice-presidency, of which details remain elusive, Ms. Rubin offered insight into Janney’s views on secession and slavery.  In Janney there is this mix of Quakerism and slave-owner that is perhaps indicative of the broader experience of Loudoun County, Virginia in that time period.  After Virginia’s secession, Janney, who’s unionist sentiment was no secret, passed a sword to Robert E. Lee, who assumed command of Virginia troops.  Somewhat symbolic in retrospect.

Preparing the audio for posting took a bit longer than I planned.  But I think the effort was worthwhile.  Rubin’s hour presentation is broken out in four parts due to YouTube’s run-time limits.  And I was only able to capture audio from the presentation, due to technical difficulties with the other camera.  I hope to raise the bar a bit with full video from our roundtable and sesqui events in the near future.

Speaking of which…. Harry Smeltzer is in town today to talk on the First Battle of Bull Run or Manassas.  So please do stop by the Balch Library around 7 p.m. when the socializing begins!