Battle of Vienna Reenactment

Just posted a notice for the Battle of Vienna Reenactment, scheduled for June 17-18, over on the Loudoun Civil War Roundtable website.  The event focuses on the short and somewhat comical fight along the Alexandria, Loudoun & Hampshire Railroad on June 17, 1861.   The event offers a wide array of activities, and follows on from the town’s earlier Virginia Secession Vote living history display.

You can review the event particulars on a flyer on the Town of Vienna’s website.  In addition, my friend Jim Lewis passed along a few more details.  His presentation on June 17 includes “a slide show and narration about the events the led up the railroad ambush, why it occurred and the historical significance of the event.”  Demonstrations include telegraph communications as used in the 1860s.  And the train from the Great Train Raid will be on display.

As with other events highlighted this year, this is not a typical “shoot ’em up” reenactment, but rather something done with the aim to bring out more than just the bugles and banners.  Conversing (and emailing) with some of the event organizers, I gather their intent is to offer an event that will frame discussions about the war with the realization that the otherwise sleepy suburban neighborhoods of Vienna were part of that struggle.