Udpate on the Fort Myer Cannon Search

Earlier this year I mentioned a report concerning buried cannons at Fort Myer-Henderson Hall.  Based on stories and following leads, historian Kim Holien speculated that anomalies noted on Summerall Field during a recent ground penetrating radar survey might be buried Civil War cannons.

In mid-March an archeological survey of a small area yielded no cannons.  But the team found a .69-caliber ball and a drainage structure of unknown origin.  Not willing to give up the search, archeologist Mackenzie Rohm said, “Perhaps we can do another study next fall after the ceremonial season on Summerall Field.

If the cannons, that workers recall seeing at Fort Myer during excavations in the early 1980, are indeed buried there this is a tailor made sesquicentennial event.  But thus far only interesting stories, tantalizing leads and speculations.


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