Military Collector and Historian Magazine: Spring 2011 Issue

Once again let me highlight the Civil War related articles in the  Military Collector & Historian Magazine, the quarterly of the  Company of Military Historians.  As noted for the winter issue, the magazine covers a wide range of military history (not just American, mind you).  So if the Civil War is not the only subject you like to tread upon, you should consider a membership.

Within Civil War themes, articles to note are:

  • 69th New York State Militia Addendum” by Michael J. McAfee, which interprets the uniforms from a couple of cartes de visites.  The photos date to 1861 when the regiment camped outside Washington, D.C., thus providing a window to the uniforms the regiment wore (or stripped down from) at First Manassas.
  • Major Daniel Simpson (1790-1886), Veteran Drummer of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery of Boston“, reprited from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, August 7, 1886.  I mention the article here as Simpson’s Civil War role included organizing the musicians supporting Massachusetts regiments – at over seventy years of age!
  • Confederate Artillery Material from the Peedee River, South Carolina,” by Lawrence E. Babits.  Partly an archeological report, Babits provides a detailed review of the cannons and ordnance recovered from Mars Bluff near Florence, South Carolina (mentioned in a CW Navy Sesqui post).
  • Four Civil War Shelter Tents, 1864,” by Frederick C. Gaede details the particulars of selected Federal shelter-half tents.  With surprising revelations produced now days from examination of old glass plate negatives, such minutia aids detailed interpretation.

Other non-Civil War articles I would recommend include:

  • Naval Guns at the Battle of New Orleans,” by John L. Morris.
  • Soldier’s Food and Cooking in the War for Independence, Part II“, by John U. Rees.
  • U.S. Army Deserters in the Mexican Army, 1846-1848,” by James B. Ronan II.
  • Eighteenth Century Artifact Military Uniforms in Public Repositories” by Norman Fuss – a listing of Revolutionary period uniforms on display in the US, Canada, UK, and France.

One final note, even if you are not a member of the Company, you can review (and post for a limited, trial run) on the CMH Forum.

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