The Navy Gets in on the Sesquicentennial

As I mentioned a few weeks back, the Civil War at Sea Symposium, scheduled for this Saturday (April 23) and sponsored by Navy Memorial’s Naval Heritage Center (seats are going fast, so RSVP!).

Timed with this, the April issue of Naval History magazine, from the U.S. Naval Institute, features several articles from historian Craig L. Symonds and a Civil War Afloat foldout.   Symonds articles include:

  • “The Sumter Conundrum” looking at the Navy’s role in the Sumter crisis.
  • “The Navy’s Evolutionary War” considering the coastal and raverine challenges from which spawned many technical innovations.
  • “Lincoln’s ‘Father Neptune'” – a short biography of Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles.
  • And suggestions for further reading.

In addition to the foldout, the “Historic Fleets” column by Robert J. Cressman examines the USS Pawnee in detail.  The Pawnee played a role in the Sumter crisis, served through the war, and afterwards until 1884.  Always a good read, this issue of Naval History is a good pick up for the Civil War enthusiast.

And here’s a bonus for the Civil War groupies out there.  Watch this video over at the UNSI web page – Civil War historian Ed Bearss provides an account of his wartime service, specifically being shot while a scout in the Battle of Cape Gloucester, during World War II.   “I really got angry then.  The son of a —- is shooting a wounded man!”