Understanding War Through Imagery – USAHEC Civil War Conference

From the US Army Heritage and Education Center web site:

In conjunction with the Civil War sesquicentennial, The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center & Army Heritage Center Foundation presents their Civil War Photographic Conference, Understanding War through Imagery: The Civil War in American Memory June 25-26, 2011. We invite you to join us for this conference focused on the events of the Civil War, early photography and photographic techniques and related historical and research resources. The USAHEC offers a unique setting that promotes interaction between speakers and attendees, scholars and enthusiasts. This year’s speakers include both established and new scholars, who will be discussing a wide range of topics surrounding the Civil War and photography.

An impressive list of speakers to say the least.  Perhaps the most impressive and important contributions in recent years to the study of the Civil War has been the more detailed interpretation of the photographs.

Throughout the sesquicentennial we’ll see photographs and images recalling the Civil War.  I’d submit understanding and appreciating the story behind those photos, along with the fine details contained within, is ever more important to the study of the war.

Certainly an event I’ll clear my schedule for!


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  1. I love photographs from this era- they have always touched my heart because it connects me with people who’s voices are long gone. These photographs bring back the stories and the faces of that time- a moment captured and preserved. Sounds like an event I would love to go to!

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