HMDB mentioned in Civil War Times

Susannah Ural’s review of the Historical Marker Database (HMDB) runs in the April 2011 issue of Civil War Times (Harry mentioned the column last week). The review, as one might expect, highlights the Civil War entries in HMDB, managed by the same guy typing here.

As of today HMDB contains 35,869 entries – markers, monuments, and some memorials that meet our editorial definition.  Of that number, 9,565 are tagged as Civil War related.

The article mentions the “head marker hunter” J.J. Prats who first created HMDB in 2006.  I cannot say enough about J.J.’s work.  Behind the scene, we on the HMDB board spend a lot of time discussing editorial decisions, web site feature options, and more administrative stuff than you want to know.  J.J. is in the middle of all that in addition to reviewing submissions and “marker hunting” on his own.  He deserves full credit for the site and the database.

I do like the line “…just might help you from having a fender bender.”

There you go, I’m helping to prevent accidents all over the country! 🙂

Published by Craig Swain

"Historical marker hunter" and Civil War enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “HMDB mentioned in Civil War Times

    1. Over here? No real change.

      On HMDB, perhaps an average of 500 hits more per day on average this week than last. But within the normal cycle of things. We did get a number of emails from people interested and starting their own “marker hunting.”

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