Cross-Post Listings

You might notice a new navigation menu on the top bar for “Cross-Posts.”  Those pages offer links out to other blogs and sites where I’ve posted materials which are not directly “part” of this blog.  In part this is a way for me to organize the “collection” for handy reference.  But I also want to make sure referrals are set for those who have allowed me the privilege of a turn at the keyboard under their URLs.

I like the idea of focusing a blog onto a specific topic.  Many blogs out there cover current events or other wide range subjects.  I prefer to stay within the confines of the Civil War subject area.  And even at that, with my efforts directed toward a few select aspects of the story – cannons, battlefields, tactics, and the public interpretation (historical markers mainly of course). I’ll throw in posts about upcoming events or Civil War news from time to time, especially with the sesquicentennial running.

Not that I don’t have a desire to discuss the broader Civil War topics, mind you.  Just that I find many of those topics crowded and polarized.  Robert allows me to discuss some of those broader topics, and a bit on “Southernism” on his blog from time to time.  I’ve got more ideas running around for future posts.  I hope to pin down my thoughts about “the plurality of the South” at some point for his review.

But I’m motivated to study, and therefore post, about the weapons of war and how those weapons are used.  You might call it a hold over from my first profession.  But the interest pre-dates that experience.  I’ve heard the topic called “weapon history” or “weapon-ology.”  Regardless, taking into consideration Civil War era weapons calls for knowledge of the evolution of weapons systems through all epochs of history.

Where my thoughts about “weapon-ology” lie within the scope of the Civil War, I’ll post things here.  Or over on the Naval Sesquicentennial blog if they involve the ships and things that float!  But where the “weapon-onlogy” factors into more modern discussions, I’ll send it out to XBrad’s blog.

In short – cross-posting, its a chance to work outside my defined lane.  And I also hope, a contribution to the content on my fellow bloggers’ sites in the process.


2 thoughts on “Cross-Post Listings

    • Been really tied up with work this last week. Only managed to “sustain” this blog! I’ve got a couple of posts I’m writing now for your side.

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