CW Naval Museum adds Dahlgrens and a Parrott

Back in November 2009, the Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus, Georgia added five Dahlgren IX-inch guns and a 30-pdr Parrott.  Last year, the museum received a 12-pdr Dahlgren boat howitzer.    This is sort of “old news,” but I cannot see where I’ve mentioned it before.  An article in the latest Artilleryman Magazine brought the item back to my attention this week.

These guns join an already excellent collection of naval artifacts from the Civil War, including remains of two Confederate warships (the CSS Jackson and CSS Chattahoochie).   And the museum also boasts one of the best displays of Brooke rifled guns outside of the US Navy Yard.

According to the Artilleryman article, the Dahlgren guns were formerly used at the Boston Navy Yard as bollards.  The guns saw active service in the Civil War, but lay neglected in storage after renovations were made at the docks.  Since the guns were not needed for the USS Constitution (they are not from the right time period for Maggie’s ship), the Dahlgrens were surplus.    I’m not 100% clear as to the details of the switch (was it a loan or full transfer of property?), so for accuracy I’ll just say the guns are now displayed at the CW Naval Museum.

A 30-pdr Naval Parrott was transferred with the IX-inch guns.  The Parrott matches a gun used on the Waterwitch, the subject of a museum project.

The boat howitzer came from the US Artillery Museum at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, passing through the US Navy History and Heritage Command before arriving at the museum.  I look forward to seeing photos of the howitzer on a replica sliding carriage in the future.

Last time I visited the museum was in 2007.  Looks like I need to stop in again to see the new guns!