Next We’ll Exhume Elvis….

To what lengths must we go to disprove lore and myth?

Booth descendants agree to DNA tests.

“If the preponderance of evidence is that this is a myth, then should we be investing scarce historic resources?”



7 thoughts on “Next We’ll Exhume Elvis….

  1. I actually have mixed thoughts on this one. It’s Edwin’s remains being exhumed… and all descendants apparently agreed, just so they can prove or disprove that JWB is buried in Booth’s earthly tomb. Still, if they all agreed, it’s a family decision.

    On the other hand, they do it for two reasons. To satisfy their own curiosity (… and I wonder how many family members will hover over Edwin’s bones just to satisfy a morbid curiosity… and I’ll admit, I’d probably want to do that as well…) and to satisfy a gnawing question that has continued for many years. Did JWB get the justice he deserved, or did he escape justice? Inquiring minds want to know. Bottom line… HE DONE IT… but did he PAY in this life? Does it matter? To some, maybe… but in the big scheme of things, probably not. Ultimately, it’s simply something to satisfy curiosity. Let’s see, Edwin Booth, Zachary Taylor… who else has been dug up to satisfy history’s mysteries?

    • It would be nice to pull sample cores from old Civil War artillery pieces. That’d let us obtain a better understanding of how the guns were constructed. In some cases perhaps even confirm the identity of some Confederate pieces (based on the mineral content, narrow down the foundry). But in the process we’d damage the guns. So why do it?

      In the case of bones, is it really that pressing? Is there some urgent need to confirm or refute part of the account? Or can we sit back and wait until technology provides a non-destructive way to achieve the same ends? After all the history, nor JWB, are not going anywhere.

    • So let’s just have a ouija board, a deck of tarot cards, and a crystal ball. That’ll air it on History in between Nazi UFO Secrets and Ice Road Loggers.

  2. In theory, that might be cool. Might even give me something to watch on that channel… for a change. However, knowing the channel formerly known as the History Channel, they’d try to reach Hitler or dead road loggers… or something along that line.

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