HMDB Civil War Updates – Week of November 29

A lot of additions this week, but weighted towards a few battlefields – Shiloh, Fort Donelson, Chattanooga, and Pilot Knob.  Ninety-six new entries from Alabama, Connecticut, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. (Yes, Virginia, there is no Virginia this week.)

– Confederate Captain Catesby ap Roger Jones lived in the Mabry-Jones Home in Selma, Alabama after the war.

– The Stamford, Connecticut veterans memorial lists the area’s World War I veterans but mentions the Civil War campaigns that members of the community served in.

– Confederate raider John Hunt Morgan twice burned the Bacon Creek Bridge outside Bonnieville, Kentucky.  The first action, in December 1861, brought the raider to prominence.

– A marker in Alexandria, Louisiana notes the city served as the Confederate Trans-Mississippi headquarters in 1863.  During a brief Federal occupation in May that year, troops burned several buildings including the library.  After the war, a grant from Andrew Carnegie helped rebuild the facility.

Five entries provide partial coverage of the battle of Pilot Knob.  Fought in September 1864, this southeast Missouri battle centered on control of Fort Davidson a Federal outpost in the Ozark Mountains.

La Mesilla, located in modern-day Las Cruces, New Mexico, served as capital of the Confederate territory of Arizona.

– A marker in Society Hill, South Carolina notes the home of Caleb Coker, local industrialist and civic leader who served as a Confederate officer during the war.

– Three entries from the Chattanooga, Tennessee battlefield – The 121st Ohio Infantry, 124th Ohio Infantry, and the marker for the right flank of Wood’s Division on the charge up Missionary Ridge.  All located in the Ohio Reservation.

Fifty-eight additions to our collection covering the Shiloh battlefield.  Most of these entries are from the Sunken Road-Hornet’s Nest sector and along Cavalry Road in the park.  More from Shiloh next week.

Fifteen additions to the Fort Donelson set this week.  Look for the completed tour by markers next week.

El Paso, Texas holds the honor as the area occupied longest by Federal forces during the Civil War.  The marker does not detail the occupation, but presumably references the early war activities in the state.

– Several entries from Milwaukee, Wisconsin this week.  A memorial in Wood National Cemetery honors the veterans buried there.  The Milwaukee Soldiers Home was one of three original facilities established for disabled veterans of the war.  Other entries from the city include a memorial to Abraham Lincoln and a plaque recalling the Gettysburg Address.