Valour-IT Fundraising Competition

Please allow me a break from Civil War related posts to ask readers to consider a worthy cause – Valour-IT.

Valour-IT is a project under Soldiers’ Angels, an non-profit organization which provides aid and comfort to military members.   The goal of Valour-IT is to put information technology and other advanced technology in the hands of severely wounded service members.  According to their website, the project distributed over 4100 laptops to wounded warriors (and that number, reached last year at this time, has long since been surpassed).   Most of those laptops include voice-controlled software to help the user overcome disabilities.  Valour-IT works with soldier care facilities and DoD case workers to maximize use of the resources.

For soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who have suffered severe wounds, those “gadgets” are not just toys for entertainment.  Rather these are critical support aids to their recovery.  Computer resources in particular are almost a necessity in our society today.  Putting one of these laptops, with enhanced access features, in the hands of a wounded warrior allows them to connect to their world, re-focus or re-train, and heal as a whole person.

Right now, Valour-IT is running its annual fund-raising competition.  Between now and Veterans Day (November 11) contributors are asked to affiliate with their “branch” – Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines.  Or if you don’t wish to further inter-service rivalries, you may donate without affiliation.  Since my background is Army….. Go Team Army!

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Even if you cannot give at this time, I encourage you to look over the Soldiers’ Angels site.  This is a class-act organization supporting those who serve our country.

h/t to top Milblogger and retired First Sergeant “Bouhammer.”

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