HMDB Civil War Updates – Week of October 25

This week, twenty-one additions to the Civil War category in the Historical Marker Database.  States represented include Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, New York, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

– Three markers in Brierfield, Alabama.  The Bibb Furnace produced iron for the Confederate Navy during the war.  The furnace was destroyed by Gen. Wilson’s Federal raiders in March 1865.  However, in an act of defiance, Mary Pratt, who operated a nearby ferry over the Cahaba River, set the boat adrift rather than allow its use by the raiders.

– A new marker in Atlanta provides an overview of the battles which raged for control of the city in 1864.

– A state marker provides construction details of Fort Tyler.  The fort defended bridges over the Chattahoochie River, but fell to Wilson’s raiders on April 16, 1865.

– Several entries from Columbus, Kentucky this week as I enter the markers at the Columbus-Belmont State Park.  Confederates occupied this “Gibraltar of the West” in September 1861.   Markers on site provide interpretation about the Battle of Belmont which was fought on the Missouri side opposite Columbus, the wartime river traffic on the river, and how the war transformed the town of Columbus.

– A memorial in Carthage, Missouri recalls the battle fought there on July 5, 1861.

– A small stone marker notes the battle of Rader’s Farm, fought May 18, 1863 in the present day city of Joplin, Missouri.

– A memorial in Webb City, Missouri honoring veterans from several wars  includes a list of Civil War Medal of Honor recipients from Missouri.

– A memorial in Peekskill, New York honors the veterans from the town of Cortlandt who served in the war.

– Entries from Humboldt and Trenton, Tennessee recall a raid by General N.B. Forrest in December 1862.  Earlier in the raid, Forrest clashed with Federals in the battle of Salem Cemetery near Jackson, Tennessee.  Forrest also routed an enemy force at Spring Creek.

– A Tennessee Civil War Trails marker notes the last camp site used by Confederate General A.S. Johnston before the battle of Shiloh.

– New interpretive kiosk on the Richmond Battlefield details Fort Gilmer.

– In Page Valley, near the locality of Overall, Virginia, a new Civil War Trails marker discusses the battle of Milford, fought on September 22, 1864.

– A marker in Jefferson County, Wisconsin details the number of men from the state who served in our country’s wars.  According to the marker, the state sent 91,379 men to the colors during the war.  12,216 Wisconsin troops died in the war.

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