Blogroll Updates

I’ve been incrementally updating the old blog roll on the right side of the page.  I’ve removed a few dormant (hopefully not lost) blogs.  However I’ve added many more over the last few weeks.  Looks like we are receiving reinforcements at a faster rate than our attrition!

Since those over at Fredericksburg have made Mysteries and Conundrums a daily stop, I must also mention Fredericksburg Remembered which looks at the town’s history beyond just the Civil War, particularly to how the historic sites are interpreted.   John Hennessy’s articles are particularly interesting to us “Marker Hunters” as he often explains the “why” behind the interpretation.  (And many entries announce changes to the marker lineups on site, prompting updates to HMDB!)

Damian Shiels’ Irish in the American Civil War, as the name implies, looks at that ethnic group’s participation in the Civil War.  One of his current projects involves those mad Irishmen from Memphis who served in the 5th Confederate Infantry (also noted as the 40th Tennessee Infantry in some reports).  As that is one of my old “regional” topics of interest, I’m looking forward to seeing updates on that subject.

In Today at Brandy Station, fellow Brandy Station Foundation board-member Mike Block offers primary accounts, stories, and thoughts concerning the area around Brandy Station.  He is not limiting posts to just the battlefield or the town, but mining the rich vein of history from Culpeper and surrounding counties.  There’s more than enough material for one blog… or book for that matter.

Ronald Baumgarten, from McLean, Virginia, discuss topics related to the war in Northern Virginia and the DC Metro area on his blog All Not So Quiet Along the Potomac.  Ron has already added a few marker entries to HMDB.  From experience I know that markers tend to lead to posts, so I’m looking forward to seeing where he takes the discussion.

Welcome to the blogosphere guys!

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