Manassas Treeline Restoration

As I looked back at through last year’s trip photos, I came across a good view of the 2nd Manassas Battlefield in the area southeast of the Brawner Farm.

View from Battery Heights - February 2009

Compare that view to one taken from nearly the same location in May 2007.

View from Battery Heights - May 2007

The treeline changes are the result of the Brawner Farm-Deep Cut landscape restoration project.

Informational Sign - Brawner Farm Landscape Project
Brawner Farm Landscape Restoration Project Sign

I consider this project a fine example of “the good fight” for battlefield preservation.  The project began during the tenure of Dr. Robert K. Sutton as Mansassas National Battlefield Park Superintendent.

I’ll have to make a stop again this spring for another view of the site and report.


3 thoughts on “Manassas Treeline Restoration

  1. It’s very interesting for me to see the shot from ’07, as I only recently started exploring the Brawner Farm area of the battlefield. I’d be happy to provide you with views from this past December if you’re interested. Or, perhaps you want to wait for an excellent surprise!

  2. […] In some cases, as with the “Shooting Gallery” interpreting the massed Confederate batteries on August 30, 1862, the markers were relocated to more accurate locations.  When the original marker was placed, trees obscured the view of the Deep Cut.  So I figure this relocation is not so much a re-interpretation of the event, but an adjustment based on the new view-shed after the tree-clearing. […]

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