New Page and Upcoming Changes

Just an administrative note today……

I placed a new page off the navigation bar (at the top) named “Artillery.”  As I have posted much on Civil War Artillery, I felt a requirement to ease navigation around those posts.  Currently the organization is rather simple – smoothbores field pieces on top, rifled field pieces in the middle and a section for the heavy artillery at the bottom.   My plan is to make that the entry point for more discussions about both the ordnance and tactics used during the war.

As time permits this weekend and next, I will re-arrange the “Battlefields by Markers” page.  The current page, arranged by the date of the battle, is cumbersome to navigate.  First off (DUH!) many of the battlefields were sites fought over multiple times.  So which date to select?  Furthermore, it makes more sense to group these by state.  That change will not affect the individual pages for the larger battles (Gettysburg, Wilderness, etc.).

Also, I’m in the process of cycling out all the books on my “ready” shelf in the office.  Those are the books sitting close at hand for the topics I am researching currently.   With that I will finally stop procrastinating and update the References page.  Not that you all will be impressed with my list of “sources consulted” but rather it will ease things on my end, enabling me to cut and paste citations into posts.

As always, feel free to comment with suggestions, notes, prods, or observations.  I have, however, ceased to accept correspondence by carrier pigeon at this time (cat chased them off).

"Really, I DO like pigeons!"