Kelly’s Ford Battle-Blog

I’m pleased to announce, if I can steal an expression from Robert Moore, a “micro-blog” dedicated to compiling information about the Battle of Kelly’s Ford.  The blog has been about for six months or so as a collaborative effort between myself and Don from Crossed Sabers.  The project started out in a flurry of activity, but sort of cooled as both participants were drawn back to work starting the new year.  Content as of now is simply copies of the official reports, a few site photos, and of course links to markers.  But that will undoubtedly grow as we gather momentum. 

From my perspective this is an experiment of sorts.  You’ll note the navigation on the right side of the page breaks out the order of battle and top level topics.   What I’m tinkering with here, on a smaller scale battle, is different ways to arrange information about a particular battle (or campaign).  Often the hardest part of research is organizing the information.    So that is the intent here – to work out some methods for presenting the story of a battle, and strictly that battle, within the blog format.  Toward that end, you’ll see right off the bat we’ve taken a page from the Harry Smeltzer First Bull Run playbook as well as that of Brian Downey’s Antietam on the Web.  As a “micro-blog” or what I’d define further as a “battle-blog,” the content must fit within a set box – relating to the March 17, 1863 battle. 

We’ll see where it goes.  If the experiment works and refinements take well, I could see spinning out similar “battle-blogs” for larger battles which have not received as much coverage (speaking of the web that is).  So let me know what you think, particularly if you see a way to improve the concept.