HMDB Civil War Updates – Week of 26 January

Yet another 100 plus entry week for the Civil War category.   This week the states of Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin are represented.  And the weekly highlights are:

– Another impressive Civil War Memorial from Ohio this week, from Athens County.

– A couple of new entries this week indicate actions the 46th Pennsylvania Infantry fought in.  First the regiment’s monument in Chattanooga.  The second entry is on the Cedar Mountain battlefield in Virginia.  Completing the set is a monument to the regiment at Gettysburg on Culp’s Hill, which was entered back in November.    The regiment was not represented at the Antietam Battlefield by a monument, but is mentioned on Crawford’s Brigade tablet.

– A state marker from La Crosse, Wisconsin details the career of General Cadwallader Washburn.

– Many, many markers from Virginia this week, a preponderance of which detail the defenses and siege lines around Richmond.  First off a set from Fort Harrison and a companion set for Fort Brady.   Napoleons are used to mark the 2nd Line of Defenses and the Inner Defensive line on the west side of the city.

– Before leaving Richmond, a couple of markers indicate some important wartime “infrastructure” sites.  The Confederate Navy Yard’s location is indicated by a bronze plaque on East Main Street.  On East Grace Street, another plaque marks the site of Chimborazo Hospital.

–  Thirteen additions to the collection of markers at Appomattox.  These improve the overall coverage of the Appomatox Court House related set.

– Thanks to Cenantua, we now know that “Stonewall” Jackson was a fair to middling gardener.  The marker says the General grew “lima beans, snap beans, carrots, parsnips, salsify, onions, cabbage, turnips, beets, potatoes, and some inferior muskmelons.”   This entry is one of several from around Lexington, Virginia entered by Robert this week.

– Three more new interpretive markers at the Chantilly / Ox Hill Battlefield Park in Fairfax, Virginia.  Those added this week are at a kiosk at the parking area.  If you visited the site in the past, you know parking was minimal.  Now the park offers more than ample parking.   One focus of the interpretation, beyond relating details of the battle, has been comparing the historical view to that today.

– Over fifty markers, monuments, and tablets this week from Gettysburg.   Included in this week’s set are entries from Warfield Ridge, the South Cavalry Battlefield, the Wheatfield, U.S. Regulars loop, and the Army of the Potomac Itinerary Tablets.

Closing this week, I’ll make a “mini” trip report.  Last weekend, the staff and I walked the trails at Balls Bluff in order to burn off some energy.  Here’s a view overlooking the channel on the Virginia side:

Icy Potomac
Icy Potomac

Ice rafts and cold water.  Personally even if Marse Robert had ordered so, I wouldn’t ford that river in January!