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As mentioned on Harry’s and Robert’s Blogs, I’m quite in favor of the label of “Information Compilation” blog to indicate the blog owner’s intent.  It should not be considered a caste system, but instead identify the purpose and use of the blog, given the intent of the owner.  I would define “Information Compilation” as a blog who’s content fits a tight purpose definition, (the occasional off topic post allowed, of course).  In other words, a “Directed” blog.  The an Information compilation blog, in essence, should seek to provide a repository of information within the defined content topic.  There are some excellent research blogs out there which clearly fit into the “information compilation” definition.  Mine is more like that glossy “Golden Book of the Civil War” sitting on the shelf of the juvenile section of the stacks, by comparison!  Personally I would not rate my blog as an “information compilation” example in the current form.

On my end, this matches with some ongoing changes I’ve been working on behind the scenes with regard to navigation.  My blog started as a place for me to store trip notes, staging them for marker entries.  Probably only half of the posts I’ve made since then have gone public.  Many posts are discarded shortly after the information has been transcribed to HMDB marker entries, or cut out to an off line document.  Quite frankly, you wouldn’t really want to see them – scratch notes like “450 yards S/SE, red barn, might be site referenced on marker…. later confirmed by NRHP entry form.” In other words, stuff that won’t translate to any great body of knowledge by itself.

However, the posts that do evolve into public facing entries tend to, but not always, fit into a very specific set – trip reports oriented on historical markers.  The major exception of course being weekly summaries of Civil War marker entries from HMDB (that myself and other contributors have added).  And even then, in those “summaries” I try to focus on groupings of markers which interpret a battle or other Civil War event.  If I may say then, the purpose of my blog has evolved a bit into an “examination of the on site interpretation of history, specifically Civil War topics, as presented on historical markers and monuments.”   As such the navigation options should support that purpose.

Nothing earth shattering, just sharpening the focus of my writings a bit.  However, as I change things, the average daily reader (all ten of you!) may see the top link bars, link lists, and blog rolls change a bit.  I’ve already started on a top level navigation page titled “Battlefields by Markers“, and subordinating my Antietam marker page under that.    Good news is link URLs won’t change.


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