First Manassas – Henry Hill Trail

The Henry House Hill or Henry Hill trail at the Manassas Battlefield is surely among the most used trails in the eastern national parks. With its close proximity to major metropolitan areas, the trail sees a lot of local traffic in addition to battlefield visitors. The trail itself is a fair hike, with a few grades but none terribly steep. The length is a little over a mile. The only significant danger I would warn the visitor about is the nasty eight legged blood suckers, which abound.

To interpret the trail, and memorialize the participants, twenty-five markers and monuments stand along the walk. The marker set for the trail is the product of entries and photographs from at least four different contributors on HMDB. Using the map view, in hybrid mode, the cannon on the field are easy to pick out. As are a few of the monuments.

One marker I found interesting beyond just battle facts detailed some stone markers erected by the veterans of the 7th Georgia Infantry. As detailed on the park’s interpretive marker, sometime after 1903 the veterans placed a set of stone markers indicating several locations of note held by the regiment during the battle. Somewhat, but not quite, like the flank markers at Gettysburg.

7th GA Stone

More to follow on First Manassas. Lots of markers to be grouped.

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