Manassas Landscape Restoration Projects

The Park Service has posted informative signs at both Brawner Farm and on Matthews Hill detailing the ongoing landscape restoration projects. Although some historical details are included on the signs, since these are temporary in nature, I’m not inclined to place them in the Historical Marker Database.

Matthews Hill

Each sign provides details of the project scope. Both report 140 acres of woodlands are being restored to field lots, with six acres replanted with native trees to round out the historical landscape. The most interesting portion of each sign, from my perspective, are the aerial photographs with overlays detailing the project boundaries. However, I must apologize for the poor quality of my pictures here. Note the north seeking arrow for the Brawner Farm sign is to the left, and that for Matthews Hill is to the lower left. I was unable to visit the Deep Cut area during my visit, but suspect a similar sign is posted there.

Last August a news article from the Washington Post detailed the project, with some slightly different numbers. Just my opinion, but I cannot help but see this as a positive change. This will restore a historical artifact, the land itself.  The choices regarding native grasses and trees for the project is sound.  But I must laugh at the last line of the article:  “A lot of those [reenactors] are into authenticity.”

You think?

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