More Antietam Progress

I was a bit lax in blogging duties this weekend.  My focus aside from family, was toward continued progress with the Antietam marker project.  Over the weekend, 30 more were posted.  Those posted were mostly on the south half of the battlefield.  Unfortunately, the Burnside Bridge area, while in the database now, isn’t my best work.  There were too many gaps with regard to topic photos.  Perhaps I’m a bit demanding, but if I post a monument or tablet that says, “The 99th Guards Zouave Engineers put a bridge down here,” then I owe the viewer a photo of the spot where the bridge was placed.

On the other hand, the length of Rodman Avenue is now linked as a set.  Certainly an interesting, if under appreciated, section of the battlefield.  Again, this is strictly the geographical grouping.  Intent for the set is to display, in order of appearance, what a viewer would see if driving the tour route.  As the set is amended, groupings for divisions and phases of the battle will serve other purposes.

On-ward if not up-ward!   Branch Avenue is next.  At some point in the near future, I see another quarterly trip to Antietam to fill in the missing spots.


3 thoughts on “More Antietam Progress

  1. So, with all of those trips to Antietam, have you ever crossed the creek near Burnside Bridge, without the aid of the bridge? I gave it a shot a number of years ago (yes, I was much younger then). Slippery goings, but I made it across… sans fire from those tough Georgians on the hill!

    On a more serious note, this past year, I realized that a disc was missing from the 5th Maryland Monument near the Bloody Lane. When I asked the visitor center about this, they said it has been missing for about 20 years. If you or anyone reading this has a photo of all of the discs on the monument, please let me know. Would like to see it replaced.

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