Navy Sesquicentennial

A few of my posts about naval topics on the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial blog:

- Those Old Ships of the Line.  A short look at the old sailing ships-of-the-line on the Navy’s register at the start of the Civil War.

- USS Tyler and the Timberclads.  The Tyler and two sister gunboats proved well worth their price in the ravine warfare on the Mississippi and tributaries.  On a similar, but more “coastal” theme, Seaman Rob posted about some of the converted steamers used on blockade duties in the brackish waters.

- The USS Brooklyn and Fort Sumter.  A look at the events sending a US sloop of war into the secession crisis in January 1861.  I made a follow up post on this side with more of the “tactical” details.

- Birth of the brown water navy – the Mississippi River Flotilla.

- Navy Mortars:  Looking at the river mortar boats and the mortar schooners used in the spring of 1862.

- A look at the battle of Plum Point Bend.

- Ambush of the USS Isaac Smith in the Stono River.

- Ironclad attack on Fort Sumter, April 7, 1863.

- The grounding of the USS Weehawken and battle at Charleston on September 8, 1863

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